Preparing for Childrens Cooking

cooking with kidsYour child has definitely shown an interest in cooking and wants to continue to learn. You let him help out whenever he can. But what are some other ways to keep your child interested? The best way to let your child know you’re glad he’s turning into a chef is by purchasing a set of tools for him. A chef’s tools are everything to him, especially his set of knives. Obviously you shouldn’t be buying him a knife set, but you can purchase other tools he will need when cooking.

The most important item is the apron. What kind of chef doesn’t have a special apron?! In terms of tools, you can buy paring knives (when they’re old enough), a spatula, a whisk safety scissors, vegetable peeler, a small cutting board, and measuring cups. Keep these items separate from your cooking tools so that he can feel these are his items and not yours. As your child begins to grow, his tool set can expand too. If you’re lucky, one day your young chef will turn into an adult chef and can begin preparing all of your meals!

It’s important to give your child the knowledge and tools necessary to be independent and learn to cook. Check back next week for cooking ideas for kids and ways to get them involved.

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